The Origin of My Sprout

 My Sprout Logo
We are an Australian family business who believe in Australian ingenuity, having a go and supporting Australian products wherever possible. We really hope to be part of that story with My Sprout providing and supporting local jobs and industry.
My Sprout has been designed and built to last for generations. 
With sustainability in mind we would love to see these chairs becoming a treasured item used by your children, your grandchildren and then your great grandchildren passed down from generation to generation with fond memories to match. 
The quality of these chairs ensures that your local upholsterer will be happy to reupholster your Sprout in years to come in a fresh new fabric keeping it looking as good as the day it was bought. This will give it a new lease on life and another thirty years from then.  
Chilling 2
This will help save the chair from the rubbish heap and in turn help the environment and the long term future of our planet. What better way to teach your kids about the sustainability of buying quality products that are renewable and last several lifetimes if given the chance.